Hossein Norouzi

Iranian Actor, Singer and musician

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Hossein Norouzi (born February 4, 2007 in Iran, Tehran) is a Iranian Actor, Singer and Musician. Hossein Norouzi’s main style is non-verbal and he is less present in his music and he has many works in this style. Hossein Norouzi started his career in 2015, but for some reason his music was not published. In 2021 he released his first and most official album. The name of this album is Failure to Victory, which refers to the hardships, challenges and pitfalls of life. This album was completed a few months ago and has been released in recent weeks. He had previously worked on the album Bad Life Is Bad, the last music of which was similar to the name of the album Bad Life, which lasted more than 20 minutes and broke the record in the non-verbal style. But for some reason, Hossein Norouzi called him a music single.

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